Return of Nokia in the Smartphone arena by HMD Global: The Legend

I have been a long-time fan of Nokia mobile phones. I still remember my college days, having a NOKIA 3310 was the trend. It was more of a fashion statement than just having a regular phone.

Nokia – Connecting People

Nokia used to be one of the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers but it fell behind with the advent of iPhone and Android smartphones.

Let’s talk history?

Very few know that Nokia was founded in 1865 and is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company.

The company in its 153-year history has been associated with various industries like  pulp mill, rubber & cables in the early years; but later in the 90’s moved its focus to networking & telecommunication.

Contributor to Mobile Network Protocols

No doubt Nokia has been a major contributor the mobile telephony industry & assisted in the development of the best known worldwide network protocol standards like:

  1. GSM
  2. 3G
  3. LTE
  4. 5G

The Game Changer

In 2000 Nokia launched the Nokia 3310 & in 2003, Nokia 1100 handset was launched. I feel the 2nd greatest mobile combining a video game console and a mobile phone was the “N-Gage”.

Another favorite handset would be the Nokia 6600 released in 2003; with a VGA camera, Bluetooth and expandable memory. This was the game changer.

You would have heard about NOKIA’s operating platforms like SERIES 40/60 Symbian OS and MeeGO; I remember going online for apps & ringtones that was compatible with my handset.

Having the latest & trendy ringtones and wallpapers were my favorite pass time.

Where Nokia went wrong?

Let’s be frank, what happened to Nokia is no secret: the fast pace of Apple and Android handsets flooding the worldwide market crushed it.

Nokia tried to make a comeback with Microsoft, but it was a sour deal and didn’t bring any luck.

But time changes, and so does the players.

Apple came with Iphone, Samsung came, HTC came, and then came Google.

Rise of a new Nokia generation

After a long break from manufacturing mobiles/smartphones and its partnership with Microsoft, a positive turn of events started shaping the new Nokia Telephone Industry.

On 18 May 2016 Microsoft had sold the Nokia-branded feature phone division to FIH Mobile, a division of Foxconn, and HMD, a new company in Finland.

Nokia moving forward with time

Nokia understood by its past failures, that to become a leader in the smartphone world; it would have to introduce old flavors with new minds & technology.

It started with mid-range smartphone based handsets with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 system-on-chip running Android OS

With the launch of Nokia 3/5/6/7/N3 series I feel Nokia is moving towards a bright future but also following its roots to merge classic with current tech.

Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 Android phones were launched by Nokia brand partner HMD Global at the company’s Sunday launch event at MWC 2017 in Barcelona

Nokia 3310: The icon is back

In 2017, the new Nokia 3310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and re-imagines its new look.

The custom designed user interface brings a fresh look to a classic

Nokia’s next chapter

Once the 5G investments start paying off and customers start buying and implementing the latest technology, Nokia will be the biggest beneficiary.

Nokia has the best portfolio of patents in mobile industry and also in other areas of consumer electronics. With the rise in mobile telephony industry and their brand licensing deal with HMD already looks like a big success.

So I think Nokia’s future is very bright.

Upcoming Nokia 5G Smartphone 2018

  1. Nokia P
  2. Nokia P1
  3. Nokia Maze Monster
  4. Nokia 9
  5. Nokia D1C


I feel Nokia 9 will be the one that will get Nokia back on the leader’s board.

The 5G master piece (concept)

NOKIA R9: Upcoming Android phone with 5G (New 2018 edition) with: 4k AMOLED Screen, Wireless Charging, Fast Charging Technology, Pen & its stylish looks; it will be one of the early adaptors of 5G technology and trendy features that might woo the youth.


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