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To develop a passion for learning & exploring new technologies. The journey is never ending, it could be simple task of writing a small program or reviewing a product/service or just reading tech articles for fun.

Find your passion to learn, code & implement them.

I believe anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.

People assume that “About Us” pages always have to be businesslike to gain credibility and confidence. But perhaps most people are more inclined to trust real human beings instead of an explanation that sounds like a robot.

Share it when you have a great story about how your product or service was built to change lives. The “About us” page is a great place to live. Good stories humanize your brand, giving context and significance to your product.

Furthermore, good stories are sticky, which means that people are more likely to connect and pass them on.

Who am I? (Jackie Chan)

It’s a joke, I’m Austin Noronha and this is my first tech blog!

In 2006 I stumbled upon the word “blog”, I didn’t know what exactly it meant, but it changed my life after that. I know it might be a little cheesy when I say that, but I really mean it.

Being a frontend & backend developer for 10+ years, I always wanted to write my own programming blog, but it never went live.

So after careful consideration & much thought I have finally started “Fullstack Byte”. (Yupieee!!)

Fullstack Byte is all about sharing knowledge & discussing tech articles, codes & programs, wordpress events & workshops, digital marketing & lots more.

I sometimes do have fun by creating programming & code memes, cause you should have some fun too, right?

And I love watching Japanese Anime !!!

So lets get started and have some fun!

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